Roof Cleaning Services in Houston

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Roof Cleaning Houston, Texas

Nothing deteriorates a Houston area roof faster than

Mold and Algae.

Roofs are being replaced faster than ever.

Our roof cleaning service ensures you maintain your roof’s cleanliness which will increase its life span and that inevitably allows you to…


Roof Washing Houston, Texas

Houston Roof Cleaning and Washing Services

Whether you have a Spanish Tile Roof, Asphalt Shingles, Cedar Shake or whatever else you roof is made up of, Revitalize Pressure Washing Specializes and is highly trained with Roof Cleaning! Do you see those ugly black stains on the roof? We Can CLEAN IT! And we can clean any stain you can think of! From Bird Waste, to Mold and Algae, to Rust Stains, Dirt and Debris, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN! If it’s dirty, let us Revitalize it! We have been known to successfully remove any kind of stain with the use of proprietary, bio-degradable detergents and our soft wash methods! As one of the leaders in the pressure washing business, we recommend that you get our Roof Cleaning Houston services at least once a year so that your Home looks it’s best! Roof Cleaning is necessary in Houston because of the hot temperatures and muggy conditions we normally are in. It creates We clean hundreds of Roofs in the Houston Area, and we hope yours is NEXT! GIVE US A CALL FOR A FREE NO HASSLE ESTIMATE! (281) 888 4043





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