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Stucco - B&A

We make Exterior Soft Washing & Restorations EASY, it just starts with a phone call.

Revitalize offers full-service cleaning for nearly every outdoor amenity, and we’re ready to help ensure your areas look beautiful, welcoming and comfortable.

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Pressure Washing

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Concrete Cleaning

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Building Washing - Thumb

Building Washing

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Dumpster Pad Cleaning Houston - Thumb

Dumpster Pad Cleaning

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Parking Garage Cleaning - Thumb

Parking Garage Cleaning

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Gum Removal Houston - Thumb

Gum Removal

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We offer the following services:

  • Concrete Cleaning
    (before and after with surface cleaner)
  • Building & Siding Washing
    (photo of soft washing)
  • Window Cleaning
    (photo of guys hanging off the belle meade)
  • Rust / Calcium / Oil / Grease / Gum Removal
  • Gutter, Fascia or Awning Upkeep.



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