House Washing Services in Houston

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Power Washing Homes in Texas

Do you have cobwebs, mold, algae, or dirt on the exterior of your Houston home? Does it make you a little embarrassed to look at your home and call it yours? Well… Don’t be! Let a Premier and Professional House Washing Service power wash your home to make it look “REVITALIZED!” As our mission statement states, your image is our priority! We take pride in cleaning your home with our proprietary cleaning solvents using our “Softwash” methods to ensure that your home is clean and our clientele are always satisfied.

House Pressure Washing

We know your home is one of your largest investments. It’s the place you come to after a hard day’s work. It’s a place where you share memories and good times with your loved ones. And as neighbors, we’re here with you every step of the way.

We use a house washing service method called “Soft Washing”. Soft Washing is a method used by very few Pressure washing companies because they would rather use pressure to clean what’s on the side of your home rather than use mixes and solutions. When you’re cleaning there are THREE methods that are used.

1) Heat     2) Solvents and Solutions     3)Abrasion


And we do everything humanly possible to stay away from “Abrasion” or High pressure, to prevent any damage to your home.




Wait.. What is “Soft-Washing?”

Though this isn’t a new technique, Soft-Washing is something you only find with the best Pressure Washing companies in our industry. Yes, we still use a pressure washer, However this method allows us to provide our clientele amazing exterior cleaning results at a lower PSI, or Pounds Per Square Inch. In using this method, it allows us to eliminate any potential for DAMAGE that pressure washing under a high PSI can cause. The great thing about this method is, It is absolutely safe and very effective for cleaning any surface that we encounter. Whether we’re cleaning siding, stucco, EIFS, brick, stone, vinyl, aluminum, and wood, we can clean it all. With the combination of Highly trained technicans and Low Pressure systems, We make a custom, proprietary, environmentally safe cleaning solution for each property’s specific cleaning needs.

Pressure Washing:

Hiring a professional pressure washing company VS. Do it yourself (DIY)

Many home owners and business owners have a tough time deciding whether or not it’s worth their money to hire a professional. While taking on the project at hand sounds like an option that may be tempting, there are numerous things to consider when you Pressure wash your property DIY style.

Here are just a few of the things you have to consider:

Can you trust somebody who has little to no training with a pressure washer? Have you yourself had training with a pressure washer?
Is having access to the tools you need an issue?
Is the level of quality in the cleaning important to you? Are your skills able to perform at that level?
Considering you have all the tools and all the training… Will you have the time to complete the project? (Even when you estimate this time figure, it is best practice to double or even triple the time, unless you are familiar and highly skilled with that particular DIY project.)
Would it bother you if the project were to remain unfinished for a lengthy period of time?
If the project creates a lot of stress at home or in the work place, is this something you want to deal with?
Are you prepared for the worst if the project goes wrong? (Contractors do not like taking on a botched DIY job,due to the nature of it’s complexity)
Are you aware of any safety precautions you need to take when you start this project? (If you do not have fall protection restraints, Don’t get on the roof. Similarly, if you don’t know much about electricity—leave it to the professional. If you’re not careful, jobs can cause serious injury and potentially fatal if not performed correctly. Your safety and health should come as a first priority)
Is this project being done DIY because of financial reasons? If this holds true, have you considered all of your costs, including the cost of tools you don’t have, your time, and the materials needed for the job? You should also want to consider the cost to correct any mistakes that are made. Will it still be a cost-saving venture?
If you are trying to tackle the job at hand for your own satisfaction—can you ensure that you’ll be satisfied with the job “well done”? If it turns out to be a disaster, how will you feel? Will you have any money left in your budget to correct any damages done to your home?

If “NO” was the answer to most of these questions, It’s ok. You’re not alone. Don’t risk your life or damage your property. Call us for a professional consultation and ensure that you get the work done with little headaches and ultimately, get it done right. Call Revitalize Pressure Washing – TODAY!