Concrete Cleaning Houston TX, THE RIGHT WAY

In the picture below, it’s extremely apparent we do things differently. In fact, we don’t even use a pressure wand. What you see there is a surface cleaner, and it allows us to pick up grime with 4 rotating nozzles that leave a uniform, CLEAN appearance when we Pressure Wash Concrete. With 3500 psi, and the ability to get up to 240 degrees of Hot Water Pressure Washing, we’re able to do things almost no other company can do.

Concrete Cleaning Houston TX

What makes us unique in the marketplace is the way we operate with not only the work that we do, but the way we treat our clientele in the Greater Houston Area.


Our Methods to Properly Cleaning your Concrete

Prior to starting the job, we assess the current condition of the concrete and the areas to be cleaned . We take note of any stains such as Grease, Brake Fluid , Oil, Transmission Fluid, Tree Sap, Acorn Marks, Tire marks, Dirt, Debris, and micro organisms such as mold, algae, and lichen. Based on our findings, We are then able to determine the what cleaning agents and what methods we need to use to ensure the highest quality of clean.


Sidewalk Cleaning Houston, Texas & Surrounds

Premier Concrete Cleaning in Houston, Tx

We conduct our servcives in Common places including public sidewalks in Houston, Pearland, Sugarland, and Katy, Texas. A multitude of many different businesses that we serve include Restaurants, Strip malls, Banks, Churches, Shopping Centers, Store Fronts, Hospitals, Medical centers and many other properties.

We utilize the latest in state of the art pressure power washing machinery, equipment and tools that give us the capability of using hot and cold water for any situation. Hot water is the only way to remove Greases, oils, paint graffiti, and chewing gum.

All of the detergents we use are completely environmentally friendly and non toxic. In the case we produce waste water, we ensure to not allow it to escape into storm water drains in accordance with EPA and government regulations.

Call us right now for a free, no hassle estimate. For those interested, we provide regular pressure washing maintenance programs to a variety of clientele. Call us today and schedule a free demonstration (conditions apply).

Concrete Cleaning in Houston

This maintenance package can be utilized by:

Businesses – Retail, Restaurants, Stores/Shops, Shopping Strips and Malls, Industrial Complexes, Warehouses, Banks & MANY MORE buildings and facilities!

Don’t let Demerits and the Houston Health Department bust down your doors for a dirty exterior! Call us today and find out how affordable our packages are!

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Save Money With Our Storefront Maintenance Programs.We are IN BUSINESS, FOR BUSINESS!

Our service helps Retail, Shopping Malls, Shopping Strips, & Restaurants bring in a higher ROI, more clientele, and a safer, cleaner environment!

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Packages priced & custom tailored with our Clientele in mind.


7 Day Plan

$99**Starting Prices Per Week
  • ✓ Gum Removal
  •  ✓ Oil & Grease Stain Removal
  • ✓ Canopies & Pillars
  •  ✓ Rust Removal

30 Day Plan

$125**Starting Prices Per Month
  • ✓ Gum Removal
  •  ✓ Oil & Grease Stain Removal
  • ✓ Canopies & Pillars
  •  ✓ Rust Removal

90 Day Plan

  • ✓ Gum Removal
  •  ✓ Oil & Grease Stain Removal
  • ✓ Canopies & Pillars
  •  ✓ Rust Removal


Here’s the secrets: How to keep a well maintained property.

Call Revitalize Pressure Washing for commercial and residential concrete cleaning in Houston, Texas.

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