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When you require pressure washing services at one of your complexes, don’t simply look at price. Rather, hire a local contractor with experience, even if it means they charge a bit more for services. When hiring a contractor they should be: fully licensed, use the latest cleaning methods, guarantee their work, and provide you with a list of references, to ensure they are a legitimate company.

Our team employs the most efficient cleaning methods, and place safety at the forefront of our cleaning services. We take pride in our services, and guarantee your satisfaction for all the work we provide. Our team at Revitalize Pressure Washing provides you with a 110% guarantee, for any job you hire us to do. Employing state of the art cleaning equipment, fully certified techs, and the latest cleaning methods, we stand behind the quality of our work, and any job you hire us to perform.

We provide cleaning services throughout Houston. For complex owners, building managers, business owners, or HOA managers in need of pressure washing services, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our free, no hassle quote will give you an idea of the cost, and we provide full guarantees for our services, so you never have to worry about lackluster performance or cleaning when you choose to hire us.

Improve your property’s value –
The first impression means a lot. When showing a new property, or if potential applicants for your apartments are visiting, don’t you want everything to go as smoothly as possible? The apartments and complex have to be well maintained to make a good first impression. We take pride in providing the much needed pressure washing services, so that your homes and apartment complexes look as good as new when applicants are touring the property. We have years of experience, and qualified professionals, so you can be rest assured the job is done right the first time!

We know that the building’s appearance truly matters. Every new applicant you can attract means more income for your business. So, we will provide the much needed cleaning services when your property doesn’t look as good as it should. We have helped many Houston business owners, and can help you as well. We taken on projects of all shapes and sizes. A well kept property is crucial to your success; let our years of experience make those much needed changes, and revitalize the way your property looks.

Our services extend beyond basic building washing. Some additional pressure washing services we provide include:
– Condo and townhome cleaning.
– Apartment complexes, mid-rise, and high-rise buildings.
– Student and senior housing facilities.
– Resorts, hotels, and government building cleaning.
– Sports complexes, hospitals, and universities.
We also do Home owner association (HOA) building cleaning services as needed.

Value doesn’t always equal Price

If you’re considering on hiring a contractor to do your power washing, don’t trust your properties with a pressure washing contractor that has little to no experience, even if the price may be lower.

A few things you should consider are:

  • Is the company Insured?
  • What cleaning methods will they use?
  • Do they have a list of references?
  • Do they guarantee their work?

If we can save you a headache or a heartache, you’re at the right place. . With our expertise, our exterior services clean your property in the safest, most efficient manner EVERYTIME. We take pride in the work that we offer for our clientele, and we work around the clock to GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION!

Building Washing Service Houston, Tx

Here at Revitalize Pressure Washing in Houston, we offer many services for a Business owner in Houston, Texas. It is our duty to serve our Commercial pressure washing clients with every bit of respect and give them 110% on every job we encounter. With state of the art equipment, trained and certified employees, and the desire to ensure your satisfaction, we back up and GUARANTEE OUR SERVICES FOR YOUR PROPERTY!

Attention: Apartment Managers, Condo, Town Home and Home Owners Association Managers, Receivership companies, Presidents and BOD’S! Our residential & commercial Houston pressure washing company offers Professional Houston Power Washing services to the entire Houston area. Give us a Call Today for a FREE NO HASSLE pressure washing quote, and let the professionals handle your property maintenance!


Regular Cleaning to Improve the value of your business

As a potential resident tours around the neighborhood, the first impressions that are made can be the difference between signing the lease or letting it sit empty! Are the parking lots, sidewalks, and parking lots of your HOA community or apartment complex inviting and clean? Houw about the apartments? Is your community properly cleaned and maintained?

At Revitalize Pressure Washing, we take pride in serving Apartment Complexes and Homeowners Associations (HOA) with the best service the Houston market has to offer. If  you’re searching for a company to ensure all of your properties exterior cleaning and maintenance needs are met, then you’ve come to thr right place.

With our years of experience and commitment to excellence, we guarantee your property will be in the hands of professionals.
We know your image is everything. It’s what makes your tenants feel like they’re at home. Everyday an apartment owner or property manager operates in their business, they run the risk of losing potential customers if they leave their building dirty. We know that every dollar, and every customer counts. Don’t let your customers go, and don’t let your hard earned dollars go to waste. Let a Professional Apartment Pressure Washing Houston company do it right the first time when you get a power wash! Let Revitalize Pressure Washing handle any of your concerns! We’ve helped many Property Maintenance Companies in Houston, and we can help you too!

We are Houston’s Leading experts in Commercial Pressure Washing and Washing Buildings of any stature, size, and shape. We are a Professional Pressure Washing Houston company! Here at Revitalize Pressure Washing, We go the extra mile to simultaneously ensure your satisfaction and your safety at all times. We use state of the art equipment for Building Washing Houston, one building at a time! We’re here to serve you for all of your needs. There are a few things you should know about Power Washing your building that is CRUCIAL to your business.

We do more than just Building Washing in Houston. We create long lasting first impressions, which are important to a customer. While we understand that the product that you offer is what they are interested in, the neat and clean appearance of a location will only add enjoyment to their visit.

We offer you an opportunity to really show your customers the interest you take in the appearance of your business, and you’ll improve upon the perceived value your property takes.

Give us a call today to set up a free consultation. We will send out one of our licensed, certified techs to visit your property. Don’t lose out on potential residents or applicants due to dirty, dingy building conditions. Allow our team of experts to provide the much needed pressure washing services for your business today!






Pressure Washing Houston Apartment Complex

We clean the following:

  • Condominium / Condos
  • Townhome Complexes
  • Apartment Complexes
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Mid Rise Buildings
  • Student Housing Houston
  • Senior Housing / Senior Living Facilities
  • Resort, Hotel & Motel Properties
  • Government Properties & Housing
  • Entertainment & Sport Complexes
  • Hospitals & Universities
  • Homeowner Association Pressure Washing (HOA’s) Houston

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